SEM, Swedish Electro Magnets, is a leading global supplier with over 100 years of industrial experience and deep knowledge of electromagnetic applications. We produce advanced alternative fuel ignition systems, injector stators and linear position sensors for stationary engines and commercial vehicles, and small engine systems for premium forestry hand tools.

Our customers are global and include manufacturers of commercial vehicles such as buses, vans and heavy trucks, stationary engines, as well as producers of handheld motorized equipment like chainsaws and trimmers. We work in close partnership with several of the world’s leading companies and are an acknowledged key player in chosen industrial markets.

Commitment to continuous improvement ensures our customers receive the best possible service and value – technically as well as commercially.

Our main focus is ignition systems for engines using alternative fuels such as natural gas, hydrogen gas and biogas engines. We deliver solutions that are in demand worldwide. Continuous development over more than a century has resulted in unique and patented solutions that are used in many of our products.