Christina Hallin, born 1960

Chief Executive Officer
Joined SEM as CEO in 2021
Board member since 2016

Prior Experience and Education
President Volvo Trucks China (2019)
MD Volvo Trucks India (2017-2018)
SVP, Dong Feng Commercial Vehicle (2014-2017)
SVP, Volvo Group Trucks Technology (2012-2014)
EVP, Volvo Powertrain (2007-2012)
MSc in Electrical & Electronical Engineering, Chalmers University
Number of shares
30 000

Cicilia Ax, born 1968

Chief Financial Officer
Joined SEM in 2008

Prior Experience and Education
Purchase Manager, SEM (2008-14)
Purchase Manager, BTG P&P Sensors (2007-08)
Logistics Manager, Åhlens (2000-07)
BSc in Economics & Accounting, Karlstad University
Number of shares
7 996

Magnus Hellström, born 1978

Project & Product MD
Joined SEM in 2015

Prior Experience and Education
R&D Manager Gas Engine Ignition Systems, SEM (2015-2018)
Project Manager, Daimler AG (2015-2015)
Project Coordinator, Daimler AG (2008-2014)
MSc in Applied Physics & Electrical Engineering, Linköping University
Number of shares
14 992

Jerker Fjellman, born 1971

Supply chain Director
Joined SEM in 2007

Prior Experience and Education
Marketing Manager, Janfire AB (Jan18-Apr18)
Marketing Manager, SEM (2007-2017)
Owner and Manager, Hofpartner AB (2001-2007)
BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Högskolan Väst

Andreas Böttcher, born 1967

Marketing & Sales Director
Joined SEM in 2017

Prior Experience and Education
Co-owner & Manager, Razom Solutions (2015-17)
MD, Fundo Components (2014-15)
MD, TROX (2010-14)
S&M manager, Oxeon (2008-10)
MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management, Linköping University

Karin Hensing, born 1974

HR Director
Joined SEM in 2017

Prior Experience and Education
HR consultant, Länsstyrelsen, Värmlands län (2016-2017)
HR Manager, IMI CCI (2014-2016)
HR Director, Hofors kommun (2016-2016)
BSc in Human Resources Management & Work Sciences, Psychology, Linköping University

Mikael Andersson, born 1967

Production Director
Joined SEM in 1986

Prior Experience and Education
Manager for Production technique and maintenance, SEM (1998-2006)
Maintenance Manager, SEM (1992-98)
Company based education, e.g. LEAN manufacturing, Core tools in APQP

Jakob Ängeby, born 1961

R&D Director
Joined SEM in 2013

Prior Experience and Education
MD, Senfusion (2011-13)
Senior Consultant, Qamcom (2012-13)
Business Manager, Hoerbiger (2003-11)
PhD in Signal Processing, Chalmers University
Number of shares
19 990

Jens Möller, born 1964

Quality Director
Joined SEM in 2015

Prior Experience and Education
Consultant, High Vision Engineering (2012-2015)
Quality Engineer, SAAB Automobile AB (1985-2012)
Number of shares
5 997

All members of the Management team are independent in relation to the company and major shareholders