SEM is an acknowledged leading supplier within the global markets for commercial vehicles, heavy-duty engines, small engine applications, and automated manual transmissions. Our commitment to be at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally friendly development makes us a natural choice for manufacturers aiming to capitalize on the growing demand for greener products. We leverage long experience and high competence within electro magnetism technology, combustion engine and automotive applications to deliver premium quality and top-performing solutions.

Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles for transporting goods or people are a critical part of global infrastructure. Vans, distribution vehicles, buses or heavy trucks are the trail blazers for automotive innovation and technology, where environmental care and sustainability has become a major focus.

SEM business operations align with the global commercial vehicle industry standards for excellent quality, technological leadership and environmental friendliness.

SEM business operations align with the global commercial vehicle industry standards for excellent quality, technological leadership and environmental friendliness.

•    Alternative fuel Ignition Systems – fuel savings with Ion-Sense technology
•    Injector Stators – hazardous emission reductions
•    Linear position sensors – high precision position with proven reliability
•    Electric drive – vehicle propulsion solution systems for the future

Heavy-Duty Engines

SEM partners directly with leading engine manufacturers worldwide to deliver solutions for heavy transport and stationary applications. Our cutting-edge ignition systems and injector stators ensure engine performance is maximized while environmental impact is minimized. This expertise extends across engines powered by both conventional fossil fuels, and alternative fuels such as natural gas, hydrogen gas and biogas.
We are an approved Category Partner supplier to Cummins within this specific product segment, and are proud of this endorsement that our products are innovative, robust and of high quality.

Small Engines

SEM has long and proven experience providing small engine management components and complete engine systems to leading global manufacturers. Our expertise extends to any product where a small combustion engine is the power source, though we are an acknowledged leader in premium hand tool applications for demanding professionals.


There has been a global trend within heavy-duty distribution and public transport vehicle manufacturing to adopt automated manual transmission solutions. The cost of ownership benefits are well proven – superior reliability, fuel efficiency and performance. Enhancement in the user experience has also been a strong selling point – increased safety by removing distractions, smooth acceleration, and less demanding work environment.
The linear position sensor is a key actuation component in automated manual transmissions (AMT). SEM has a long history in delivering customized solutions in close cooperation with leading vehicle manufacturers to ensure continued evolution and optimization in our customers’ market offering. With robust construction and precise performance, our linear position sensors are designed for the extreme conditions and environments of automatic transmissions in commercial vehicles.