For over 20 years, SEM has been innovating and producing ignition systems for engines powered by alternative fuels such as biogas, natural and hydrogen gas. These products have become a preferred choice for manufacturers delivering products to countries that have adopted tough environmental policies.

With increasing environmental awareness globally, demand for alternative fuel engines is growing rapidly.

We are recognized experts in this field, and provide ignition systems tailored and optimized for specific needs in various types of commercial vehicles as well as engines used in stationary applications such as energy generation.

Market leading ignition systems for alternative fuels ensure a cleaner and greener environment

Combustion diagnostics and monitoring are an embedded and crucial element in our solutions that secure precise ignition performance – delivered by SEM’s own proprietary technology.

With spark voltage monitoring, worn or damaged spark plugs can be detected. The information can then be used to predict the remaining spark plug life, enabling service-on-demand.

Ion-sensing is used to monitor engine combustion, enabling the ignition system to dynamically manage misfire detection, combustion phase estimation, pre-ignition detection, and knock detection.These features also lead to reduced fuel consumption, longer duration between services, and combustion stability.