SEM H2 ignition systems with KEYOU-inside – True ZERO CO2

To rapidly reduce greenhouse gas CO2 emissions and stop global warming, SEM has designed a customized ignition system for hydrogen gas spark ignited internal combustion engines

H2 ignition system

The SEM H2 ignition system is an integral part of the KEYOU-inside system, converting conventional Diesel engines into zero-emission hydrogen combustion engines.

Hydrogen gas is an attractive fuel, as it is climate neutral and the only true carbon-dioxide emission free fuel. Hydrogen gas spark ignited internal combustion engines will be an important complement to electrification in the heavy-duty segment, as the total cost of ownership is lower and the time to market quicker.

With SEM FlexiSpark® technology inside, our H2 ignition system offers a robust solution to meet specific requirements for H2 engines while avoiding challenges such as pre-ignition and excessive spark plug wear.

With superior control of the power and duration of the spark, our ignition system ensures an efficient ignition, thus enabling optimal engine performance at all engine operating conditions.