As environmental legislation becomes stricter, technical solutions are being refined to meet these demands, and those of the future. The injector stator is a critically integrated component of the engine’s fuel injector, the performance of which directly affects combustion efficiency and therefore environmental impact.

With a knowledge of both mechanics and electromagnetism, we produce stators that meet market and regulatory requirements across the board. Our technology combines high pressure injection with rapid response to help lower emission levels and reduce harmful particles. Close cooperation with world-leading engine manufacturers ensures we stay fully-informed of the latest and relevant environment regulation developments globally.

SEM’s stator technology provides precise control where it’s most needed – delivering on performance, and the environment

The injector stator is designed for both standard diesel fuels and environmentally friendly fuels, such as ED95. With its injection perfection, the injector stator helps optimize injection efficiency which reduces harmful particle emission.

The high performance stators, ensuring optimized fuel injection with extreme precision under high pressure conditions. This maximizes burn-efficiency and minimizes fuel consumption.