In the pursuit of delivering innovative solutions now and in the future, SEM continuously refines its offering to the market. This applies not only to existing product lines and target applications, but also expanding into new related and complementary areas where its specialized industry knowledge can create customer value.



Electric drive

In close cooperation with our customers, we supply battery management, disconnection and measurement units, high voltage fuse solutions, and smart tailor-made contactor units, with and without pre-charge functionality.

Our modular solutions offer high flexibility for system design and production and with our extensive knowledge within the field of electromagnetism we design and deliver products for the future.






SEM’s solenoids are an attractive alternative in numerous application areas.

Our extensive experience from the automotive sector supports us in the development of solenoids adapted to the specific requirements for product functionality, even in harsh application environments.

The solenoids are primarily used by manufacturers in the automotive and heavy vehicle industry, as well as by engineering companies.

In each of these areas we can offer quality solutions with excellent production economy.