SEM develops and manufactures inductive and contact-free linear position sensors designed to work reliably in the most demanding environments.

This product area delivers precise linear measurement solutions based on inductive technology. Inductive sensors are easily adapted to various applications such as clutch and brake wear, gear position indication and measurement of liquid levels.

Designed and manufactured to meet the automotive industry’s extensive requirements for diverse vehicle applications.

The linear position sensor is an essential component in automated manual transmissions (AMT) used in heavy trucks. The AMT is a known and proven contributor to reduced fuel consumption by optimizing the timing and shifting of gears. Removing the need for manual interaction from the truckdriver enhances and simplifies the work environment, and increases road safety by minimizing distractions

The sensors are fully contact-free, reliable, highly accurate, and have a long and proven history in gearbox solutions produced by leading commercial vehicle OEMs. All products are offered fully tailored to the specific requirements of each application, with adaptable housing geometry, stroke length and mating parts. They can be fitted with either a molded cable or an integrated connector.