SEM is a respected market leader within design and production of small engine management system components. Typical applications are hand-held tools such as chainsaws, brush cutters and trimmers, but our expertise extends to any product where a small combustion engine is the power source.

We are globally renowned for our proven capabilities across the entire engine system, and delivering high-quality premium products targeted towards professional end-users.

Small engine systems trusted and chosen by professionals

Our modular approach provides complete flexibility and customization across all engine management system components, that can seamlessly integrate with the existing architecture of a product. This includes engine control, actuators and sensors for air, fuel and ignition control, as well as for example sub-systems that dynamically optimize air-fuel ratios.

Alternatively, we can combine our modules to deliver complete engine management adapted specifically for the customer application.

Environmental consideration is of course critical in all solutions we deliver. Focus is on combustion efficiency using for example ion-sense technology, as well as supporting alternative fuels.