SEM is committed to playing a key role in delivering the energy solutions of tomorrow. We support long-term global sustainability as a core business vision. Our products significantly reduce energy consumption and limit emissions of harmful substances.

Alternative environmentally-friendly fuel innovations are gaining momentum globally, and transforming the combustion engine landscape – this can be clearly seen within the heavy duty on highway market, but also in other applications such as power generation. With exceptional performance and technical precision, our advanced ignition systems are driving a new generation of alternative fuel engines. These engines reduce NOx and HC particles and contribute to an enhanced sustainable future.

Our unique ion-sense solution uses the ion current to precisely monitor combustion. Ignition timing can then be optimized in real-time using peak pressure position. This technology is at the forefront of engine performance efficiency innovation and provides significant fuel savings. Spark voltage monitoring is used to maximize sparkplug life and offer extended and predictable service intervals. Both of these techniques result in substantial reductions in Total Cost of Ownership.

Electricity as a sustainable energy source has in recent years become an increasingly major focus for manufacturers in the automotive industry. SEM is also at the leading edge of this evolution – with extensive knowledge from electromagnetism, electronics, system architecture and automotive applications, we offer customized solutions for electric drive applications.

We provide our customers advanced eco-smart products and solutions. Go Green – Go Economical.