Commercial vehicles are an important part of global infrastructure. Transport services for moving people or goods long distances or in inner cities are used on a daily basis. Vans, distribution vehicles, buses or heavy trucks are the trail blazers for automotive innovation and technology, where the environmental care is in focus.

Vehicles running on alternative environmental friendly fuel concepts, are expanding within the market for road transportation options. Sustainable environmental transport solutions are here to stay

With high competence and long experience within electro magnetism SEM is leading the development of natural gas ignitions systems in the market for commercial vehicles. We are proud of being awarded Category Partner supplier to Cummins within this specific product segment, which proves that our products are innovative, robust and of high quality.

Our product portfolio, based on advanced electro magnetism technology, is designed to enhance the performance of engines and transmissions on the powertrain of commercial vehicle manufacturers.

•    Natural Gas Ignition System – fuel savings with Ion-Sense technology
•    Stator for injectors for Euro 6 engines – hazardous emission reductions
•    Linear position sensors for transmissions – high precision position with proven reliability

SEM business operations strongly aligns with the commercial vehicle industry global standard for excellent quality, technological leadership and environmental awareness

Go Green – Go Economical

Advanced ignition systems for gas engines significantly reduce the vehicles impact on the environment. Substantial reductions of particles, Nox reduction and HC clearly proves that our technology works.
Our solutions also lead to high economical savings. Extensive tests by our customers show considerable reductions of fuel consumption for heavy vehicles.
Other effects are increased time between services, reduced spark-plug wear, combustion stability and spark voltage detection by ion sense system.

Advanced electromagnetism reduces emissions

Our stator products for injection systems are a high pressure and rapid response design that reduces the levels of harmful particles.

Robust products with precise performance

Our linear position sensors are designed for the extreme conditions and environments of automatic transmissions in commercial vehicles.